Tuesday, August 28, 2018

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 5 released

The file is there: (Windows only)

Changes from 1.2 continuous 4:
- bug fixed: in replays the alliances and factions would be wrong
- bug fixed: now the "aggressive 2" AI won't cheat (unlimited resources, tech)
- removed save/restore feature (was broken; I hope I can fix this someday but I can't promise)

For a Linux server this file might help:

Friday, June 29, 2018

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 4 released

The file is there: (Windows only)

Changes from 1.2 continuous 3:
- fixed Jaws support ("jaws = 1" in SoundRTS.ini)
- bug fixed: in training games, the factions would always be random
- bug fixed: units missed by splash damage wouldn't emit a sound
- updated to Crazy Mod 9 beta 10
- added an AI called "aggressive 2" (or ai2) which does random things; not particularly efficient but works relatively well with for example the "vermin" faction; very useful for automated tests

For a Linux server this file might help:

Thursday, June 28, 2018

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 3 released

The file is there: (Windows only)

Changes from 1.2 continuous 2:
- restored defensive mode
- now splash damage to ground units on a plateau have a hit chance of 50 percent too
- now the footsteps rate matches the real game speed
- change: a replay will continue even if only AIs are left
- in zoom mode, if the zoomed zone is the target of a build command, and if a building land exists in this zoomed zone, the building land will be chosen as a building site
- bug fixed: SoundRTS.ini will be rewritten only when needed
- bug fixed: a wrong login in SoundRTS.ini wouldn't be replaced by the default one

About multiplayer games:
- fixed several desynchronization issues (thanks to a new, automated test); no known issue left
- default timeout disconnection delay is now 60 seconds instead of 20 seconds
- config: added 'require_humans' option for public servers (0 by default)
- bug fixed: now the server doesn't have to read faction names from style.txt
- now the server log just gives the real world duration of a game instead of the virtual time
- now a communication turn can contain several simulation turns, allowing fast games even if the ping is too high (but the game must not need too much CPU)

For a Linux server this file might help:

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 2 released

The file is there: (Windows only)
Changes from 1.2 continuous 1:
- now workers automatically repair and gather in the current square (Repairing have a higher priority than gathering. The buildings of an ally are not automatically repaired.)
- when a worker repairs an ally, the resources are provided by the worker
- ranged units on low ground have 50 percent chance to hit ground units on high ground (ranged units with height_bonus are not affected)
- bug fixed: the map wouldn't wraparound anymore (since 1.2 alpha 10)
- bug fixed: a unit could be added several times to a group
- now blocked exits are not observed through

Saturday, May 5, 2018

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 1 released for evaluation

I need your feedback about this experimental (and probably buggy) version of SoundRTS implementing continuous space and range-based perception, detection, etc.
The only questions are: how different is this version from SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 9, especially with the CrazyMod and its usual maps? Is the gameplay too different?

The file is there: (Windows only)

The changes in this version might be reverted later. Anyway, here are some of the changes.

The main (experimental) changes are:
- sight in a circle (sight_range) (at the moment, any range is possible, but this might change later to improve speed)
- detection in a circle (detection_range)
- cloaking in a circle (cloaking_range)
- only one mode for units: your units won't leave their square, no matter what; if they have moved to a sub-square (in zoom mode with F8), they won't leave the sub-square.

Other changes:
- control+6 (or 7,8,9) to define a group with the currently controlled units; the units will move at the same speed until they get a different order (which removes them from the group)
- the AI will attack only if there is an opportunity
- the AI will try to retreat if a square contains too many enemies
- F3 gives also the game speed
- the "alt is stuck after alt+tab" issue is fixed, I think
- press SHIFT + arrow keys to move 5 squares at a time
- press the first letter of any menu item to select it (for example, "s" for "single player")
- graphics: now the map is much easier to read (the exits appear more clearly, for example in PRA maps)

- custom bindings: the game will look for a file called "bindings.txt" in the user folder
- a console command can be bound to a key, using the "cmd" command; for example, user/bindings.txt can be:

F12: cmd a archer ; press F12 to add one archer in the current square
ALT F12: cmd s 20 ; press alt+F12 to set the speed to 20
PAUSE: cmd p; press pause to pause/unpause the game (you can give orders while in pause)

Monday, May 9, 2016

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 10 revision 1

The revision 1 of SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 10 is available. This version is totally compatible with 1.2 alpha 10.

The only change is: recallable control groups
Control + 6, 7, 8 or 9: sets group 6, 7, 8 or 9 with the currently controlled units (or buildings)
Shift + 6, 7, 8 or 9: extends group 6, 7, 8 or 9 with the currently controlled units (or buildings)
6, 7, 8 or 9: recalls group 6, 7, 8 or 9

Available at:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 10 released

Available at:

Thanks to the contributors, and sorry for the delay. This version might be a bit unstable.

The main changes since 1.2 alpha 9 are:

General: blocking an exit
- now the player can block an exit with a wall, a gate, a unit, or a building
- a unit or a gate blocking an exit will let friendly units pass

General: zoom mode (allows the player to give more precise "go to" orders)
- press F8 to enter or exit zoom mode
- in zoom mode, each square is divided in 3 x 3 smaller squares
- the escape key exits zoom mode too

General: more natural movement and attacks between two squares
- when a unit is moving to another square, the unit will cross naturally the corresponding border of the square (instead of moving through the "exit" object and reappearing on the other side)
- when a unit is moving to another square, if an obstacle is on the other side, the unit will have to move elsewhere (instead of being arbitrarily moved to the nearest free space from the exit)
- now units will hit a target located in another square as long as the target is in range
- catapults now have a minimal range of 4 and a range of 12 (default square width)

General: height, sight range and attack range
- in map jl5 (at the moment), some squares are higher (they are called "plateau")
- now most ground units see the adjacent squares, unless there is an obstacle or the square is higher
- air units, towers and units on higher ground always see adjacent squares (even diagonal squares)
- now catapults attacking from an unseen place are actually seen for 3 seconds (instead of being instantly remembered)
- effects only have a "local" sight range
- archers, catapults (units launching missiles mostly influenced by gravity) have an increased range if their target have a lower height

General: minimal damage
- now a direct hit will inflict at least 0.17 hit points
- "minimal_damage" can be defined in rules.txt ("parameters")

- now the game accepts a square as the target of a build order: the game chooses the first building land in the objects list of the square
- open the user folder from the options menu
- added simple mods and soundpacks selection menu
- added repeat for keys
- added sounds in the menus (6115: select, 6116: validate)
- installer: include version of SoundRTS in Windows shortcut label

Servers and mods:
- now a server accepts a client with the same version, ignoring which mods are used by the client ; however, the server will isolate clients with incompatible mods from each other (thanks to Thiago Seus).

Mods and soundpacks:
- in SoundRTS.ini, added soundpacks=...
- soundpacks are always loaded after mods
- mods are automatically loaded when replaying a game with different mods
- experimental: added replay for missions from campaigns with custom rules and resources
- includes CrazyMod v9 beta9

- completely removed "sight_range" as a rules.txt property
- added a "bonus_height" property for ground units like towers (or giants, maybe)
- completely removed "special_range": use "minimal_range" and "range" instead (example: catapult)
- mods: automatically fix sight_range and special_range
sight_range 1 => bonus_height 1
special_range 1 => range 12 minimal_range 4 is_ballistic 1
- mana_start added (thanks to chpross)
- Implemented build limits for units and buildings (thanks to craigbrett17)
- Added some extra map making information regarding timer coefficient and AI orders for single player (thanks to craigbrett17)
- map making: a campaign can define which mods it requires; the required mods will be automatically loaded (the required mods are defined in a file called "mods.txt": the file is a comma-separated list of mod names; if the file doesn't exist, the current mods will be kept; if the file is empty, the "vanilla" game will be loaded)

Console: new commands
- "a 10 archer" adds 10 archers to the current square.
- "a a1 10 archer" adds 10 archers to a1.
- "v" triggers victory.
- "s 8" sets the speed to 8 times normal speed.
- "r" adds 1000 resources of every type to the player.

Bugs fixed:
- bug fixed: during a game, the newly entered chat message wasn't said at once or sometimes in the wrong order
- bug fixed: sometimes a restored game would stay frozen at the time of the save
- bug fixed: couldn't replay a game with more than one human.
- bug fixed: now the shortcut for town hall is "h" instead of "t" ("t" is for towers)
- bug fixed: giving the order to train an archer without having a lumber mill was silently ignored by the game (no negative sound)
- fixed: now TTS calls will always return without any delay
- bug fixed: fleeing units would retaliate to attacks
- fixed: a different wounded sound for upgraded damage
- bug fixed: a defeated player shared the observer view with the team
- bug fixed: in chapter 1, completing objective 2 first caused problems
- bug fixed: units in the splash damage area wouldn't be affected if their distance from the attacker is bigger than basic range
- Have the pygame mixer actually respect the number of channels set in the config (thanks to ctoth)
- bug fixed: setting the user name from the multiplayer menu would cause an error.(thanks to Thiago Seus for the bug report)
- now a unit will retaliate to an attack in the same square from another square; then, if it survives, the unit will go to its previous place

- updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Thiago Seus)
- added Spanish translation of the AI making manual and the modding manual (thanks to Claudio of tiflo juegos)
- included Spanish translation of the "Game manual" and the "Map making guide" (thanks to the users of tiflo-juegos mail group)
- updated Italian translation with HTML files (thanks to Luigi Russo)
- updated Russian translation (thanks to Kvark)

Graphics interface:
- automatically move the mouse cursor when a square is selected
In full screen mode, when a square is selected, the mouse cursor will move to the center of the square. The selection can be done with the arrow keys, the page up or down keys, the space key (to follow a unit), etc.
- graphical interface refactoring: added two properties in style.txt
"shape": "square" or "circle" (default)
"color": color name (by default a custom color is computed from the object's title)