Sunday, January 19, 2014

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 8 released

Available at:

The changes since 1.2 alpha 7 are:
- bug fixed: entering cheat mode caused the game to freeze
- bug fixed: some errors could freeze the game and were not logged correctly
- updated German translation (thanks to Lukas Raab)
- added Russian translation (thanks to Kvark)


Anonymous said...

Updated Russian translation. Fixed some bugs.
Thanks for the continued development of the game!

SoundMUD said...


Storm Dragon said...

I downloaded the latest alpha, the game loads, but it says all of the sounds are missing. I checked and there is no sounds directory. Also speech-dispatcher is now using python3 but the code for soundrts is using python2. Is there any chance of getting a speech-dispatcher library written in python3? Lol too many python versions :)

sukil said...

Hello. I downloaded the latest Alpha, and when running it in Mac OSX it displays an error saying that UTF.8 isn't recognized. Why is this? Thanks.