Friday, December 26, 2008

Some news about SoundRTS

A new test version might be released before February:
- It would include the files for a metaserver (just in case the
current one disappeared for good).
- The URL of the metaserver and of the what-is-my-ip server would be
defined in a text file.

A new unstable version might be released before April:
- The rules of the game would be defined in text files (and the AI
probably too).


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm sure there are lots of us out here who have enjoyed SoundRTS immensely. I hope that development can get back up and running, but of course if for whatever reason this isn't going to happen most of us will understand.

CX2 from over at

Anonymous said...

hello. I like soundRTS. it is very enjoy. I have a suggestion for future version. Age of empires has special soldiers like a hero. Sounrts can have a special knight or a special wizard. And I want to be able to choose between humans, orcos and elfs or similar

SoundMUD said...

If the only difference is that these special soldiers have better stats, then it will be possible to define them in text files. And I plan to allow choosing between races; at least, it will be possible to define these races in text files.
If everything goes well, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hi!. first of all, sorry, but english is not my primary language.
I would like to see more examples of programming if it is possible, particularly in the chapters of the campaign, this way I might have a better
idea that words i must use for certain actions that I would like to realize but I cannot do.

For example if i want to play a sound wen timer is 5:
trigger player1(timer 5) play_sound 152.
Obviously, this instruction does'nt work. but this is the type of examples that i want to see. i can do it this way:
trigger player1(timer 5) cut_scene 152. but i must place the sound 152 in the stream folder.
Yes, i'm using the codes in the maps of the campaign and the multiplayer maps as a basse.
Another exanple: i want to add a unit in the players starting square wen a determined enemies have been killed or something similar, as a reward... but i do not have any idea what words i must use or if it is posible.
Thanks for this excellent game, you're doing a great work!.

SoundMUD said...

I will include the map making guide in the next releases. This way, even if the language changes, especially for single player missions, the documentation will be the right one.

To play sounds in a trigger, at the moment, there is no other way than copying the sound to the stream folder. I'm not very happy with the sound/stream distinction. I don't know yet what I will do.

About adding units, the command exists, but the condition you need might not be allowed by the language. Example:
trigger player1 (has_entered b2) (add_units b2 3 knight)
Some conditions you might try with add_units (not sure):

The commands used for the objectives might be simplified too, because after all there are not that many different objective types for maps. The language would then be less flexible but easier to use. I don't know yet.

Tell me if you have a specific mission type to create.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really like soundrts. I have a problem, though. I get an message that says "This may not be a soundrts wserver. b 10 p 0." Also, I get a " the connection was interupted" message when I am connected to a server.

SoundMUD said...

The "This may not be a soundrts server." message is actually sometimes incorrect and simply means: "Couldn't connect to a server."

When is down and you start a server from the game's menus, you might have this error message. This will be fixed in the next stable version.

Another problem you must be aware of: a server can be in the servers list and, at the same time, be unreachable.