Saturday, August 28, 2010

queuing commands

Every unit has a list of commands. When the current command is complete, the unit forgets it and executes the next one.

To add a command at the end of the list, two methods:
Method 1 (using a default command): select the target, then press Shift + Backspace
Method 2 (using a command from the menu): select the command and the target, then press Shift + Enter

Here are some situations where it would be useful:
Example 1: you want a peasant to scout every starting square in the map (to know where the enemy is). Control the peasant, move the cursor to a starting square, then press Shift + Backspace. Repeat for each starting square.
Example 2: you want a peasant to exploit several resources. Target a resource, press Shift + Backspace. Repeat. When a resource is exhausted, the peasant will exploit the next one.

You can queue imperative commands too. Hold down Control + Shift instead of Shift.

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