Friday, October 15, 2010

[log] SoundRTS 1.1 alpha 4 released

Available at:

Update: a bug, probably existing in the previous versions, prevents SoundRTS from restoring a game correctly if you have just started the program and directly chose to restore a saved game. This bug will be solved in the next version; in the meantime, try the following maneuver to avoid it: start a new game and close it (this will initialize important variables), then don't quit the program and restore the saved game.

The main changes since 1.1 alpha 3 are:

- the aggressive AI is a bit stronger: catapults, dark archers, and flying machines (used as detectors, not as transports)
- added maps JS12 JS13 JS14 JS15 by Jason Symes
- fixed a small map error in JS11 which prevented the game from starting (since 1.1 alpha 3)
- bug fixed: the map checker didn't know the keywords "players" and "computers", preventing some correct maps from starting

Multi platform version:
- the multi platform version now includes pyc files for Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 in separate directories; the default version is still 2.5
- to use a different version of Python, copy the pyc files from the corresponding directory to the main directory
- at the moment, clients using different Python's versions will be considered compatible (this will be changed if a synchronization error appears)

Map making and modding:
- the computer AIs' high-level plans are now stored in a file called ai.txt
- ai.txt is included in the compatibility signature to avoid synchro errors in multiplayer games
- now rules.txt and style.txt are reloaded before every game (ai.txt too)
- no more "args 0" or "args 1" in style.txt (it was used to decide if an order type required a target or not)

SoundRTS 1.1 and SoundRTS 1.0 should coexist in the same machine without any problem. The settings are also stored in different folders (respectively "SoundRTS unstable" and "SoundRTS 1.0").

About multiplayer games, this version is only compatible with itself. If you modify the rules.txt file or the ai.txt file, you need to send it to your friends if you want to play with them, or they won't find your server.


Storm Dragon said...

This is a lot of fun. All the new abilities are awesome. The archers seem a little stronger then before? When I ran the game I got the following output:
DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
WARNING: impossible
WARNING: impossible
WARNING: impossible
I don't know what it means, but I figured I'd pass it along. The game runs fine though. I am using the Python2.6 code.

SoundMUD said...

The deprecation warning is not serious (that's why Python 2.7 doesn't display it by default). I'll remove this warning though.
The other warnings are probably some minor assertion errors. I'll check this too.