Monday, February 6, 2012

[log] SoundRTS 1.1 alpha 9 released

Available at:

The main changes since 1.1 alpha 8 are:

- bug fixed: the shortest path implementation could cause synchronization errors in multiplayer games
- added a limit for teleportation: no more than 144 ground entities (units, buildings, goldmines, woods...) and 144 air entities at the destination
- the computer AI will retaliate for catapults too
- if a turn takes more than 3 seconds, the events won't be played until the end of the turn (to increase speed)

- now building a temple only requires a keep instead of a castle
- researching super healer, conversion and resurrection now requires a castle

- updated Chinese messages and actor voices (including tts.txt for SAPI and screen reader support)
- added a line to tts.txt specifying character encoding (default is "latin_1")

TTS mode:
- added a positional beep sound to positional messages in SAPI/screen reader/TTS mode (when pressing Tab for example)

- added a "-s" or "--speechd" option to enable speech dispatcher for Linux
- setting "sapi=1" in the configuration file doesn't enable speech dispatcher any more
- bug fixed: when Speech Dispatcher for Python was present, SoundRTS wouldn't close

- bug fixed: only damage_bonus and armor_bonus could be used with apply_bonus
- bug fixed: a bonus on hp_max didn't affect the starting hp of new units (existing units keep their current hp though)

SoundRTS 1.1 and SoundRTS 1.0 should coexist in the same machine without any problem. The settings are also stored in different folders (respectively "SoundRTS unstable" and "SoundRTS 1.0").

About multiplayer games, this version is only compatible with itself. If you modify the rules.txt file or the ai.txt file, you need to send it to your friends if you want to play with them, or they won't find your server.


Storm Dragon said...

This is very AWESOME! Thanks for the speech-dispatcher support.

franci said...

Es un muy buen juego el que desarrollas. Me gustaría saber acerca de la licencia que le darás al programa (si ya no está licenciado).
En general, lo único que no me gusta de los audiojuegos es que no puedo jugarlos con mis amigos.
¿Qué posibilidad hay de añadirle gráficos al soundrts?

SoundMUD said...

The current license is freeware.
SoundRTS has some graphics for debugging, but adding a good enough graphical interface would require too much at the moment.

Dallas O'Brien said...

hi. an idea for you to think about. I've been playing sound RTS quite a lot again, and think there is something that would make controlling units and keeping track of them a lot easyer. groups and names. although you can control, say 10 archers and 10 footmen, when it comes to grabbing just those guys again, you need to go to where they are at, hope they are all still, and in the same tile, and then select them. something of course, made harder when other units are also on the same square. my idea is this. have a way in which you can select a group of units, and then name that group of units as one name. then have a key binding that could cycle through those groups. so you could have for exampl, regement 1, regement 2, and so on. then you could select that group, and command them to do what ever you need them to do. also, this would help with pezents. you could have a workforce1, and a workforce2, both in the same room, but working on different projects. at the moment, this is made a little hard, i want to make 5 units build one thing, and another 5 build another project. not sure how easy this would be to implement, but it was worth a comment i think.