Saturday, December 21, 2013

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 7 released

Available at:

The main changes since 1.2 alpha 6 are:

- the source code is available at
- much faster user interface, even when the simulation is slow
- optimization of the simulation (thanks to Christopher Toth)
- uses Python 2.7 by default instead of Python 2.5

- added race menu to the game admin menu and to the guest player menu (only in server mode; the orc mod must be selected, for example)

- added "Making AIs Tutorial" (thanks to Thiago Seus)

- updated German translation (thanks to Lukas Raab)
- updated Slovak and Czech translation (thanks to  Marco Oros and Jaromir Psansky)
- updated Brazilian Portuguese translation  (thanks to Thiago Seus)


Anonymous said...

There is a translation of the game on the Russian language.
Please add the it in the next version. Thank you.

SoundMUD said...

Thanks for the translation. The game displays the text correctly even though the encoding isn't mentioned. Maybe it's because the encoding is UTF-8. Anyway, it works, and I will add it to the next version. Thanks again!