Sunday, September 2, 2007

[planning] Current plans

Plans may change but I intend to include this in the beta 9:
- add the first lessons of a very easy ingame tutorial (probably doing many things in the same square first), so beginners wouldn't need to read the manual anymore to start playing;
- extract the maps from the code and allow custom maps;
- boost the archers (I delayed this boost only because a competition was planned and I didn't want the game to be changed just before the competition; unfortunately, the multiplayer game is not optimized enough to allow the competition and the better way to solve the optimization problem will probably take a long time, maybe forever, so I want to add the most wanted features before wandering into the unknown for probably one month or two);
- fix the current metaserver so it will be less buggy and give more informations through a web page; in the future, when the multiplayer optimization is complete, if it succeeds, a better system for organizing games will be designed, I hope;
- add a savegame feature;
- add defensive buildings (a scout tower which can be mutated to an arrow-throwing tower or to a cannon tower).

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