Sunday, September 5, 2010

[log] SoundRTS 1.1 alpha 1 released

Available at:

This is an experimental release. Don't expect this version to be really playable (a little more playable than 1.1 alpha 0 though). Lots of things are probably broken. The aim is to have some feedback about the new features.

SoundRTS 1.1 and SoundRTS 1.0 should coexist in the same machine without any problem. The settings are also stored in different folders (respectively "SoundRTS unstable" and "SoundRTS 1.0").

The main changes since 1.1 alpha 0 are:
- some blocking bugs have been fixed
- most upgrades are back
- multilevel upgrades have been temporarily removed (they will be back)
- farm food is back to 8 instead of 4
- old flying machines should appear as "offensive flying machines" in existing maps; they can be trained too now
- now units descriptions not only contain the hit points but also the upgrades affecting the unit (works with enemy units too)
- not yet available elements of the menus (units, buildings, upgrades) are now included in the menus with the indication of the missing requirements; if an element is omitted, it means that it is unavailable for this map or game
- research orders can't be queued, like in Starcraft (I can reactivate easily this feature, available in Warcraft 3, but I don't know if it is that much interesting; let me know; for example, if you queue the orders, many resources will be blocked over a long time; maybe do this in a "command and conquer" way, with orders waiting for resources and yet recorded in the queue? a different design)

About multiplayer games, this version is compatible with itself, at least I hope so. Be careful, though, if you modify the rules.txt file, you need to send it to your friends if you want to play with them or they won't find your server.


Arjan said...

Good job, as always.
I'm a bit concerned about the old flying machines though, since we can now freely recruit the offensive flying machines, it appears as if dragons are obsolete now. Lets face it. They do twice the amount of damage as dragons in half the amount of time (or maybe even less), and have the same amount of hitpoints as dragons. I currently see no reason to recruit dragons anymore, so I hope this can be clarified or dragons can be altered to be slightly more useful (lots of hit points or armor perhaps, because dragons usually have thick hides and extremely tough scales), but I'd go for the hitpoints approach because archers don't do a lot of damage.

SoundMUD said...

Thanks for the info. Nothing is really balanced yet but I'll try to improve this.