Thursday, September 9, 2010

[log] SoundRTS 1.1 alpha 2 released

Available at:

The main changes since 1.1 alpha 1 are:
- probably a bit faster during a game (saving and restoring a game didn't change though)
- restored queuing for "tech" upgrades
- improved game stability: some errors won't cause the entire game simulation to freeze (other errors might still slow the game down)
- bug fixed: chaining several scout towers on the same square caused the simulation to freeze
- bug fixed: in the case of a unit upgrading to another kind of unit, the cost indicated in the menu and the effective cost didn't match
- bug fixed: when upgrading a unit to another one, the food cost was too high
- bug fixed: dark archer selection now works
- bug fixed: the cheat mode works again
- bug fixed: units unloaded from a flying machine didn't attack or flee
- bug fixed: at the beginning of a game, mutually hostile units didn't attack
- bug fixed: when controlling several units, targeting a flying machine and pressing backspace only loaded one unit in the flying machine
- bug fixed: giving a "defensive mode" command to a unit caused it to forget its other commands
- bug fixed: every unit had a menace of 0 (wrong alerts, wrong AI reactions: no fleeing, probably wrong target choosing)
- bug fixed: a peasant building a farm was reported as "repairing" a construction site
- bug fixed: an evolving unit would accept the "go" command and cancel the upgrade in progress
- bug fixed: a unit without a "go" command in the menu could have this action by default
- slightly clearer sounds for the flying machine load and unload events
- graphics: added tps (turn per second) indication when ctrl-shift-f3 is active
- graphics: added color backgrounds for squares (detected, observed, observed before, unknown)

SoundRTS 1.1 and SoundRTS 1.0 should coexist in the same machine without any problem. The settings are also stored in different folders (respectively "SoundRTS unstable" and "SoundRTS 1.0").

About multiplayer games, this version is compatible with itself. Be careful, though, if you modify the rules.txt file, you need to send it to your friends if you want to play with them or they won't find your server.

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Doidus said...


I find SoundRTS to be a great game, but had been thinking:

Since there are only a few accessible games for Linux, can't there be an animated chess game, using basically the same engine as SoundRTS' one, but being turn-based and with chess rules? Just a thought...

Keep up the good work!