Monday, June 17, 2013

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 2 released

Available at:

The changes since 1.2 alpha 1 are:

Map making:
- added south_north and west_east keywords to define exits with a custom style ("south_north_bridges" equals "south_north bridge")
- documented the existing "add" keyword useful for adding in a map custom resource deposits defined in rules.txt ("goldmines 150 a1" is equal to: "add goldmine,150 a1")
- now maps can loop vertically (or horizontally): just give a path starting with a northmost (or eastmost) square

- added an example mod restoring teleportation instead of recall (for the mage)
- added an example mod with stone as a third resource
- when defining the cost of a unit/building, trailing zeros are not required any more (ex: "cost 4" instead of "cost 4 0 0")
- now the AI gather resources with any worker unit (not just peasants)

SoundRTS 1.2, SoundRTS 1.1 and SoundRTS 1.0 should coexist in the same machine without any problem. The settings are also stored in different folders (respectively "SoundRTS unstable", "SoundRTS test" and "SoundRTS 1.0").

About multiplayer games, this version is only compatible with itself. If you modify the rules.txt file or the ai.txt file, you need to send it to your friends if you want to play with them, or they won't find your server.

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