Sunday, May 4, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10 g released (unstable version)

The main changes from beta 10 f are:
- optimization: important speed improvements, especially for big maps or games with many units; will have an effect in solo and multiplayer games
- the server will disconnect players who pause or timeout for too long (20 s), so the other players can continue to play
- in the world simulation, replaced floating point numbers with integers, necessary to guarantee the synchronization between the clients (for example: x, y, gold, wood, HP, mana)
- fixed a synchronization error that sometimes appeared during a fight, when a unit must choose a target
- more detailed checking of the synchronization between clients in multiplayer games
- better logging of the synchronization errors
- added multiplayer map SG1

Other changes:
- fixed bug: some Russian TTS sounds were missing
- now the units emit a signal when they are given an impossible order or when the order is no longer possible
- now mages don't try to teleport to the same place (useful to save mana when giving the same teleportation order to many mages)
- removed HP auto-regeneration (instead of 1 HP every 15 seconds)
- now the units stop after 5 seconds even if they have not reached the center of the square or the object that they were told to go to
- now the peasants that are mining gold and are told to chop wood will immediately stop mining gold
- when a building order is given, the resources are reserved, until the construction site is set or canceled
- now the building time and the maximum number of hit points of a building are 2 independent parameters (useful later)
- now the buildings are placed exactly where the meadow was
- added a cost to repairing; repairing a building costs less resources than building a new one but takes more time
- improved wood gathering (lumber mill): now a peasant brings back 3 wood instead of 2.5 wood