Saturday, May 28, 2011

[SoundMUD] bug fixed in SoundMUD 0.12

At last, the bug which has been preventing the server of SoundMUD 0.12 from working has been removed.

SoundMUD 0.12 is a minor and buggy evolution of 0.11, provided for comparison with 0.11 (both servers are running). It might be a dead-end, I don't know yet. the main changes are:

* a MMORPG-like gameplay: no need to hold Enter to move or attack any more, just press backspace once; special attacks or spells or actions are missing though, so the result might be unconvincing yet;
* after death, you can rest and observe the room until you press R to rez
* no more compass indications when the character rotates
* the monsters' AI is different: they go back home after a fight
* press I to select the next object in the inventory
* press Backspace to equip a weapon (selected it in the inventory)
* press E to select the next object in the equipment slots (only a held weapon slot at the moment)
* press D to drop the selected object
* change: press Insert (instead of backspace) to switch weapons