Friday, January 11, 2019

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 continuous 12 released

The file is there: (Windows only)

Changes from 1.2 continuous 11:
Map editor (experimental):
-  usage explained in the map making manual
Dynamic forests:
- _meadows, _forest and _dense_forest (3 woods or more) terrains are dynamically selected during the game
- two _dense_forest squares won't have a path until one of them turns into a forest (and if no height difference between the squares)
- new map: jl8 (forest map: the players cannot attack each other until a path is cut into the dense forest)

Other changes:
- units that move at a specific speed on a specific terrain (speed_on_terrain keyword) (example: necromancer, zombie and skeleton are unaffected by marsh and ford)
- squares available for water and ground (example: big_bridge)
- squares that air units cannot pass (mountain for example) (no_air keyword)

- interface: moving from a water square to another water square won't require control + arrows
- bug fixed: in bindings.txt defines couldn't be redefined

Minor changes:
- bindings: if the keyboard type doesn't exist in style.txt, no unit will be selected
- various bug fixes

For a Linux server this file might help: