Friday, August 1, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10 o released (test version)

Available at:

The main changes since beta 9 are:

- in multiplayer games, the clients and the server communicate in a more efficient way: only the orders are sent to the server, and each client simulates the game, so the multiplayer games are much faster and allow much more units.
- in solo and multiplayer games, important speed improvements, especially for big maps or games with many units

- new: press control + tab to cycle through woods, gold mines and meadows
- now the units emit a signal when they are given an impossible order or when the order is no longer possible
- change: press F9 instead of F12 to check the objectives
- change: press F11 instead of F9 to check the players (in a multiplayer game)

Game rules:
- the food provided by farms is 8 instead of 4
- the training time is divided by 2 (the research time stays the same)
- the global food limit is not dynamically shared among the players anymore, but is simply the food limit for each player and for the entire game (for example, instead of having, in a map with 2 players and a global limit of 80 food, 80 divided by 2 equals 40 food for each player, now each player simply have a maximum of 80 food.)
- now a mage don't try to teleport to his current square (useful to save mana when giving the same teleportation order to many mages)
- removed HP auto-regeneration (instead of 1 HP every 15 seconds)
- added a cost to repairing; repairing a building costs less resources than building a new one but takes more time
- improved wood gathering (lumber mill): now a peasant brings back 3 wood instead of 2.5 wood

- about 50 multiplayer maps (thanks to the contributors!)
- added a very fast speed (4 times) for multiplayer games
- list players and games when login
- say the players list of a game when a player registers or unregisters for this game
- the server will disconnect players who pause or timeout for too long (20 s), so the other players can continue to play