Monday, June 13, 2011

[SoundMUD] SoundMUD 0.13 released

(July 19: warning: this is not the "very different" 0.13 version previously mentioned in the website. The "very different" 0.13 version, a CircleMud / SoundMud combination, was just an unreleased experiment and isn't planned any more. So this 0.13 version is the trunk that will continue to evolve, I hope.)

(June 25: updated this post with a list of changes from 0.12)

SoundMUD 0.13 is available at:

Download link:

A manual is available at:

List of changes from 0.12:
- the "client_data" folder has been renamed to "data"
- the "sounds" folder has been moved into the "data" folder
- fixed the hostile sound signal
- fixed the sound emitted when the creature is hit by a weapon
- now the creature's description mentions the equipped weapon
- now the weapons break after some use
- restored the player's id in the character's description
- now any creature emits an "attack" sound when attacking
- added a manual
- fixed the "e" key (to select equipment)
- added "unequip" action
- now the monsters take any object on the ground (can be noticed after the player character's death)
- the player character drops the equipped weapon on dying
- the "water drops" sounds in the corridors have been restored
- if an already connected user tries to connect again, the server will close the other connection and accept the new user connection (instead of rejecting the new connection)
- slightly edited some underground rooms so they are more connected (with cycles, not like tree branches)
- added a bigger underground crypt with monsters and a boss (probably too many monsters)