Saturday, March 22, 2008

First results of the multiplayer tests

Thanks to the testers, I have fixed a bug that happened rarely when I tested the game, and happened all the time when the testers started a multiplayer game against the computer (the game never started). It happened all the time for the testers because they chose systematically the "aggressive" computer, because it's their favorite level, while I chose most of the time the "passive" one, because it's earlier in the menu list. In fact, due to a misspelling, the "aggressive" computer was not initialized correctly.

Most testers didn't find any player to play against, so I logged in once and played against the player called: "teleportation sound". Well, it was fun, at least for me, even if I didn't win. At a moment of the game, I would have said "wow" or "lol" to express a surprise. Maybe a limited chat with some classic expressions would be good: hi, gl, hf, gg, lol, bye. Or maybe a 3 letters chat.

In the next version the "create game" menu will start with a submenu to choose a map, so that the player can easily enter a game where he has just been invited to, without being overwhelmed by the maps list.

For the moment, no coordination error between game clients has been noticed.

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