Thursday, March 20, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10a released (unstable version)

SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10a (unstable version) is available in English at
the following URL:

Windows installer:

Multi platform:

This unstable version is only meant to test the new multiplayer architecture. The single player part is probably broken.

The main change is the way the clients and the server communicate in multiplayer games: only the orders are sent to the server, and each client simulates the game. This way the game should be faster and allow more units. New bugs might appear, though.

Other changes:
- now the player can invite the aggressive computer even if he has not completed the single player campaign
- map making: removed old single player example map
- map making: single player campaigns (victory unlocks the next chapter)
- map making: mission chapters (in a campaign)
- map making: custom sounds (in a campaign)
- map making: cut scene chapters (in a campaign)
- map making: introduction cut scene (in a mission) (for example: a briefing)
- map making: cut_scene (play a cut scene during a mission)
- added a "victory, do you want to continue?" menu and a "defeat, do you want to restart?" menu after a single player chapter of a campaign
- change: press F9 instead of F12 to check the objectives
- change: press F11 instead of F9 to check the players (in a multiplayer game)
- new: press control + tab to cycle through woods, gold mines and meadows
- map making: several objectives (in a mission); can be added during a mission
- map making: new trigger condition: has_entered (example: "has_entered b2" is true when the player enters b2)
- removed the "Ctrl + F6: wait for combat sounds" option
- fixed a bug where the player couldn't always build after a game is restored
- map making: new trigger action: add units in a square (for example: reinforcements)

Known bugs:
- sometimes, the multiplayer game doesn't start (check this by
pressing control shift f3: you should hear the heartbeat of the game);
if you have this problem, ask to quit twice (the second time will
work) and start a new game; feel free to report this problem, though.
- if you start a server and stop it, and start it again without
closing the program, the server will not start the second time; close
the program if you have to restart the server.

About the speed of the game, you will find that there is a fixed delay between the moment where you give an order and the moment where you have the confirmation. This delay is necessary when there is latency, so every player plays in the same conditions even if some of them have higher latency delays. Later, I will make this delay adjustable, probably automatically, so the delay is near zero in a LAN game, while it will be higher in an Internet game, depending on the actual

If you find a server called JL, please use it, so I will be able to check if, for example, there are synchronization problems between the clients.

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