Sunday, March 23, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10b released (unstable version)

SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10b (unstable version) is available in English at the following URL:

Windows installer:

Multi platform:

This unstable version is only meant to test the new multiplayer architecture. The single player part is probably broken (essentially the "save and restore" feature).

The changes from the beta 10a version are:
- the server asks for the game speed before the game start
- sub menu for map choice in the server menu
- the delay between an order and its execution is computed at the game start
- now the player can set the voice relative volume from the menu (and not only from the game interface)
- the global food limit is not dynamically shared among the players anymore, but is simply the food limit for each player and for the entire game (for example, instead of having, in a map with 2 players and a global limit of 80 food, 80 divided by 2 equals 40 food for each player, now each player simply have a maximum of 80 food.) This will allow me to simplify the code which is not required anymore because of the higher network speed.
- tried to solve the blocking problems of collisions (more place between buildings, and lowered the radius of the units)
- the client quits when its server (previously opened from this client) quits
- bug fix: the game never started if aggressive AI
- fixed bug with menu updates: if a mage is trained, then if teleportation is researched next, the mage menu still don't have this power until he moves (even in the same square)

If you find a server called JL, please use it, so I will be able to
check if, for example, there are synchronization problems between the

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