Sunday, July 7, 2013

[log] SoundRTS 1.2 alpha 5 released

Available at:

The main changes since 1.2 alpha 4 are:

- to use recorded speech, "recorded_speech = 1" in SoundRTS.ini
- recorded speech files are available as mods at

- restored "direct" SAPI 5 as a default
- to use the screen reader, "srapi = 1" in SoundRTS.ini

- added Slovak translation (thanks to Marco Oros)
- added Brazilian Portuguese translation of tts.txt (thanks to Thiago Seus)
- updated German translation

Map making / modding:
- "add quarry,75 b1  b4" has been replaced with a less surprising syntax: "quarry 75  b1 b4"
- bug fixed: key bindings defined in a map were ignored
- added "stone" and "quarry" in the main tts.txt
- added an example map called "jl4"; it replaces the "stone" example mod

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