Tuesday, October 9, 2007

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9a released (test version)

Warning: this version is a test version. Before November, a more stable version called SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9 will be released.

Here are the changes in SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9a:
- I extracted the maps from the code to allow people to write multiplayer maps (trigger maps have been extracted too but may change and will not be documented for now);
- I boosted the archers (the damage will be 2.5/4 be instead of 1.5/2.5);
- bug or balance problem: the time needed for training units and researching tech or building upgrades was 3 times to fast;
- bug: when there is no goldmine left and the computer needs gold, the game hangs;
- bug: map 1 and map 2 are imbalanced, because of the goldmine distance;
- bug: incomplete summary of enemy units (ex: mages and dragons are forgotten);
- bug: to many alert messages during fights;
- I added a keyboard shortcut: control pageup/pagedown to go to the previous/next conflict zone;
- bug: interactivity slowdown during a combat;
- added F3: say time
- added control F3: minute bell on/off (off by default)
- Control Home/End, control +/- of the numeric keyboard: increase/decrease the voice relative volume
- now the computer AI in aggressive mode knows the starting squares and attacks them first, instead of attacking the opposite square only
- bug: a running server is not removed from the servers list after 12 hours anymore
- bug: the servers list guesses wrongly the IP address of the servers in some rare cases (solved by using www.whatismyip.org)
- I added a save-game feature for single player games, with one save slot
- I added the ability to invite 1 or more computer AI of various strength in a multiplayer game, or in a single player game on a multiplayer map (now it works the same as multiplayer games)
- bug fixed: the training sounds and the researching sounds caused the game to slowdown, because of the combat slowdown mode; the combat sounds slowdown mode is now off by default (press control F6 to enable it)
- bug fixed: When a player has more than one barracks, the food limit is near maxed, and the barracks recruits a queued unit, the food limit is not always respected. In some cases, the player will be able to recruit a group of units that have a higher food requirement than the player's food limit.
- I wrote a map making guide.


Dakotah said...

Hi. I love the new features that have been added. One question I have is: will there be a feature that allows you to ally yourself with people in a game consisting of more than two players?

SoundMUD said...

Yes, I hope to add this feature.