Friday, October 12, 2007

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9c released (test version)

Warning: this version is a test version. Before November, a more
stable version called SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9 will be released.

The following changes are in the beta 9c:
- the servers list uses now a database, more reliable
- fixed bug where the game cannot read map files in Linux
- servers don't need Pygame anymore, only Python
- probably fixed bug where the server doesn't close
- fixed bug in the maps language where nb_rows is used instead of nb_columns (nb_rows is now deprecated but kept for compatibility)
- fixed bug with maps with 10 lines or more


Anonymous said...

Hi Sound-RTS team I advise some option for best and fun
- The peasant can make trap for units but some unit knight or mage can be destroy aor pass it but other can't be pass
- can play obn the lan not internet

SoundMUD said...

Hi nattapum,

For the traps I don't know yet, but you can already play on a lan. Start a private server and give to the other players the local network IP address of your server, so they can enter it.