Sunday, October 14, 2007

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9e released (test version)

Warning: this version is a test version. Before November, a more
stable version called SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9 will be released.

Changes in the beta 9e:
- new multiplayer map: frontier by Bryan Smart
- archers now have 10 hit points instead of 8
- AI players are now allied in multiplayer maps
- added global_food_limit to the map language (set the maximum food of a map)
- if title isn't found in the map, the title of the map is the name of the map file
- when a battle ends in a square, a summary is sent to each concerned player
- the message telling that a player has quit a game cannot be missed now
- fixed bug with unit recruiting cancellation and food
- fixed bug with save game and big maps
- fix sound volume bug with compass directions in first person mode
- fixed bug where the server doesn't stop when it cannot register on the servers list
- fixed bug where the food limit was not updated in the client when a player quit the game


Anonymous said...

hi, soundMud
I love and fun to play this game.
but If the AI can be attack to enemy or other units it'll more fun. and the AI can make more unit ETC knight , mage dragon, and attact organizer it''ll good.

SoundMUD said...

The allied AIs will be stronger, so for now it is interesting because the AIs are not strong enough. Later you will have the choice: melee (AIs do not fight each other) or free for all.

Anonymous said...

This is a really awesome game, and the allied AI idea is really cool
I'd also like to suggest being able to allie with other humans or AI's, and be able to send messages to each other
perhaps a communications twoer could be required to send messages?

thanks for the game!


SoundMUD said...

I hope it will be possible someday to ally with other humans (for AIs I don't know yet).

Anonymous said...


SoundRTS is really great! Thanks for this nice, but sometimes difficult game!!!

criticview said...

Hi SoundMud

A few days ago I played a very strange online game. While the foodlimit was 20, someone attacked me with 50 knights. After a long time of asking how he did that, I got the folowing reply.
"I build 8 barracks, let them recrute 5 knights each, and when the population limit is reached, you only need to kill one in order to get eight more knights. In other words, if there are units that need to be recruted while the foodlimit is reached, they will do so, if there is food available for only one unit.
Just so you know!

SoundMUD said...

Thank you for this bug report! I have fixed a similar bug but added another one too.