Sunday, October 14, 2007

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9d released (test version)

Warning: this version is a test version. Before November, a more
stable version called SoundRTS 1.0 beta 9 will be released.

- fixed bug freezing the server in the find-the-shortest-path algorithm
- fixed bug freezing the server in the find-the-nearest-resource algorithm
- fixed bug with paths and maps with 10 lines or more


Anonymous said...

Hi, SoundMUD
on test version beta 9 d.
I think when I make peasant or make other units its sloower than beta 8

SoundMUD said...

Yes, I wanted to slow the upgrades and finally I slowed recruitment too. In Warcraft of Starcraft the standard build time for a worker is 20 seconds, though. The game is quite slow at first but it may be fast enough later.

Pitch said...

I am trying to test the global foot limit as you've discribed in the map making guide, But the risult is a server error. Because that I want to ask you wy it doesn't work.
grtz and keep up this great work: Pitch

SoundMUD said...

Sorry, I made a mistake in the guide. The global food limit has been added in the beta 9e, not in the beta 9d.

Anonymous said...

Hi, SoundMUD
I've some question
- How can I make Flymachine.
-If I want to write my map how can I write Unit list for add flymachine
- how much flyingmachine require resoreces and how to make it.
thanks for you helps

SoundMUD said...

The flying machine is not really ready. Anyway, if you want to add it on a map,