Monday, July 14, 2008

07/15/2008 (working on the future beta h version)

Here are the changes since the previous post:
- fixed feature: the attacks make a different sound after a weapon upgrade
- new feature: the sound effects are now formally described in a file called style.txt ; this file is not only useful as a documentation about the use of each sound effect: it can also be edited to change the level of detail of the client and add new sounds (for example: different sounds to reply to an order, depending on the unit type)
- bug fix: the computer AI wasted resources since the change of the peasant's resource gathering behavior that appeared in the beta 10g, leading to a very slow development (for example in map 2); now, the peasant's cargo is remembered, so it will be rarely wasted; for example, when a peasant who is transporting gold is given the order to build a farm, he will start to build it immediately, but he will not forget to go to a townhall as soon as he is ordered to gather gold or wood again

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Anonymous said...

absolutely love this game!! can't wait for beta 10h.. once its out i will tell everyone to download it!