Saturday, July 19, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10 i released (unstable version)

Warning: if you have edited the file style.txt, make a backup copy of it before upgrading the program.

Available at:

The changes from beta 10 h are:
- bug fix: the sword started whistling in the fight after it was upgraded
- bug fix: in maps like CE2 (without a town hall available from the start), having to return the gold caused the game to freeze
- bug fix: in a multiplayer game, if the map requires more than 20 seconds of initialization, the clients with the slowest computers (even with only a 5 seconds difference) would be disconnected by the server
- added 2 maps by QuentinC : QC2 and QC3
- renamed the map 8QC (now QC1)
- added 1 map by Kelvin Tan: KEL6
- added 5 maps by Valentin: Z1 to Z5 (zombie planet)

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