Saturday, July 26, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10 l released (unstable version)

Warning: if you have edited the file style.txt, make a backup copy of it before updating.

Available at:

The changes from beta 10 k are:
- bug fix: knights would flee dragons even if they were protected by archers; this caused the units to unnecessarily scatter over several squares, leading to a weaker defence
- change: in the official maps, the title is automatically deduced from the file name ("title" is ignored)
- updated readme.txt from the multi platform version (added installation instructions for Debian GNU/Linux)
- updated the game's manual (updated the food amount provided by farms; removed the time needed to train a unit)
- feature temporarily removed : the client will not automatically update the maps (this feature is not mature enough for the imminent stable version; it will be back in the unstable version when the stable version is released)

About maps:
- removed "multi" from the map file names
- renamed maps 1 to 3 to JL1 to JL3
- renamed maps 101 and 102 to BS1 and BS2
- updated maps KEL1 to KEL4
- updated SG2 map (now the computer-only units must be destroyed too)

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