Thursday, July 17, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10 h released (unstable version)

Available at:

The main changes from beta 10 g are:
- fixed feature: save and restore a game
- new feature: the multiplayer maps are automatically updated
- new feature: the sound effects are now declared in a file called style.txt
- new maps: 9 maps from Martin Blythe (note to map makers: more maps will be added or updated soon, using the auto-update feature)

Other changes:
- bug fix: the computer AI wasted resources since the beta 10g
- fixed feature: the attacks make a different sound after a weapon upgrade
- bug fix: now the server inserts silences between the names when listing the players
- bug fix: in multiplayer maps with monsters, the winner had a defeat message
- bug fix: when hitting F3, the time was incorrect
- bug fix: the minute bell rang too often (control + F3 to set it)
- minor change: when a player quits a game by using the F10 menu twice (useful in the rare case where the server doesn't reply), the full score will be given (instead of a laconic "defeat" message)

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Anonymous said...

VERY NICE JOB JL! keep up the good work!