Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[log] SoundRTS 1.0 beta 10 k released (unstable version)

Warning: if you have edited the file style.txt, make a backup copy of it before upgrading.

Available at:

The changes from beta 10 j are:
- the client plays an "upgrade" sound when it is checking for map updates or is updating maps
- bug fix: on maps where square_width is not 12, some movements with the arrow keys on the map were incorrectly allowed
- bug fix: sometimes the AI wouldn't complete a building and would start a new one

About maps:
- added 1 map by Onj: ONJ1
- added 3 maps by Jason Symes: JS8 to JS10
- added 3 maps by Steady Goh: SG2 to SG4 (warning: SG3 and SG4 are still slow with the current beta 10 version; I will improve the speed in the beta 11)
- updated CE1 to CE5 (essentially the number of farms)
- minor update of KEL6 (converted to DOS mode instead of UNIX mode)

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